At Nicholson Headhunting, we offer a custom-made solution for companies who need in-depth information of market conditions and competitor activity for improved efficiency in decision making.

  • Do you know who your competitors’ key players and rising stars are?
  • How do your own team members measure up from a technical and market perspective?
  • How is your organization perceived in the market place?
  • Are your salaries and benefits really competitive?

Key benefits of market mapping include:

  • Tracks strengths and weaknesses within competitor organizations and key talent.
  • Provides guidance for more insightful succession planning.
  • Enables salary reviews in line with the market.
  • Generates insights on org charts, team structures and hierarchies.
  • Benchmarks internal talent and identifies gaps and possible future shortages.
  • Highlights diversity and inclusion in the organizational culture.
  • Enables to learn how is your organization perceived in the market place, and measures the attractiveness of the brand.

Examples of how we’ve helped our clients

  • Identifying the ‘next wave’ of senior management across a range of disciplines in a highly technological and competitive industry, ensuring our client was well positioned to quickly headhunt the best senior talent when needed.
  • Undertaking salary benchmarking data for the key management personnel.
  • Analyzing the market profile of a group of Directors to identify strengths to leverage and weaknesses to improve.
  • Collaborating in the definition of continuity of a Senior Director of a very technical and niche area, who had not delivered the hoped-for figures, providing our vision from an external perspective and after an exhaustive analysis of the position in the market and the talent available to replace the executive.
  • Providing a current and broad perspective of the organizational structures of the market, to help in the definition of a redesign / restructuring, by comparing their company org chart versus the models presented.

In addition to Marketing Intelligence and Mapping Solutions we also provide Executive Search.

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