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Faustino Arias

President Associated British Foods plc.

AB Mauri Hispanic America Division

“Nicholson Headhunting is an excellent Executive Search firm. Maria, personally, adds two features that differentiates her work. The first, I would say, is her strategic approach to the concrete search: she achieves a significant understanding of all the relevant aspects that defines the position. The second is her project’s "ownership", working with a remarkable level of coordination with the company, serving with high energy and creativity to achieve the result. This greatly increases the probability of success in finding the right candidate- even in highly complex searches- to ensure significant performance. It is always a pleasure to work with Maria.”

Máximo Lorenzo

Global CMO


“María is really a very unique Headhunter, I’ve never seen an Executive Search professional so clear-headed and so commited to people and clients as she is!”

Marcelo Melamud

SVP Finance & Corporate Controller


“During my career, I’ve dealt with many headhunters in Argentina and other countries. But I have to confess that I felt specially confident working with María Nicholson, she is very responsive, managed the whole process professionally and confidentially from beginning to end and above all, helped me to make a very smart move in my career.”

Florencia Scandale

HR Director Latin America


“I’ve had the opportunity to work with Maria since 2005. She’s an outstanding professional and an extraordinary person. In her work, she exceeds the role of consultant or headhunter to become a strategic partner of the business, providing advice to ensure excellent results for both the company and the candidates hired.”

Sergio Coco

VP HR North America Potato

McCain Foods

“I have known María for many years. Her trademark is her speed of response, her quick understanding of the organizational culture, and therefore the presentation of candidates who best fit our culture. She knows perfectly well where the talent is and how to hunt it, which is the value added we look for when we choose our providers.”

Mariana Ortiz de Zárate

Founder & CEO


“I have been able to appreciate María’s work and professionalism both being a candidate and as a client. María makes a difference with her ability to connect the client’s needs with the candidates’ needs, achieving a perfect combination that brings superior results. It’s really a pleasure to share a project with María: her positive energy, her tenacity, drive, experience and sense of humor makes you fully trust her, relax and enjoy the challenge of hunting talents for your organization.”